Social commitment


Corporate social responsibility is a concept that refers to a set of ethical obligations and commitments arising from the impact of the activity of our organization can produce in the social, labor and environmental issues in our environment. At Centre Dental Practice Dental Schools advanced integral with a convinced compliance with current legislation and the code of ethics of the profession, honest dealings with our patients because the community, according to the statement of our corporate value : The people above all.

“Both the direction of Centre Dental Les Escoles, as the people who make this clinic, we assume a social responsibility as a company in the health sector, which requires us to engage with our environment, especially the most disadvantaged sectors”.
Rosa M. Ros, Doctor-Dentistry. Centre Dental Les Escoles Director.


Som Riures

Is a non-profit organization composed of various dental health professionals, with the objective of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Read more…



Intermón Oxfam

Organization that works in more than 48 countries worldwide in the development, fair trade campaigns. Through the Trade Fair campaign, we collaborate with the purchase of manufactured goods as a gift for our patients.

Dentistas sobre ruedas

Nonprofit organization that organizes and coordinates projects to improve oral health in countries and regions with lack of dental services. Collaborate in the search for sponsors.




It is the United Nations agency which aims to ensure the fulfillment of children’s rights. We collaborate with the purchase of Christmas cards for greetings to our patients.


Nonprofit organization of Terrassa, which helps children in Ukraine affected by radiation from Chernobyl. We free up visits and treatment for children and talks preventive organization at our center, as well as instruction and hygiene habits.

Oberts al món

NGO that has developed experiences in the field of education, working with five schools in Guatemala. Sponsorship of a child and donation of 5% of the treatments carried out by persons referred entity.

Fundació ANAR

NGO dedicated to helping the group of children and adolescents at risk. We work regularly with the purchase of candy gifts for our patients.

Visitem al dentista

Activity organized by the Centre Dental Les Escoles, one of the activities of the Health Promotion Services Guide and Activities of the Municipal of Education (PAME) of the City of Terrassa.

Fundació Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) is a development NGO committed to the transformation of one of the poorest and most needy areas of India. The School Dental Centre collaborates sponsoring a child.

Médicos Sin Fronteras

msfDoctors Without Borders carries out medical activities worldwide, helping the neediest countries. We work with a financial contribution.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS

Logo_AldeasInfantilesSOSSOS Children’s Villages is an international, private aid to children, non-profit organization, with a presence in 134 countries. Centre Dental Schools working with a financial contribution.

Save The Children

stcSave the Children has a presence in all countries of the world and done extraordinary work to save the lives of thousands of children worldwide, guarantee their rights and help them to develop their full potential. We work with a financial contribution.

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