Our Values


What do we want to be

A benchmark, both in the care of our environment, with a desire to serve the individual and the community in the areas of promotion, restoration and maintenance of dental health individually and collectively, as in the business field with efficient management and quality services to ensure profitability.

We serve individuals, families, companies and institutions, in accordance with our corporate value: human beings above all:

  • Offering medical services at affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality of services and materials.
  • Our environment awareness about the importance of dental health, focusing on the dissemination of preventive actions.
  • Creating an organizational culture that will help to achieve the objectives of the company and the satisfaction of personal and professional needs of each of the people within it.

In the field of dentistry, our company must promote:

– A comprehensive and advanced dentistry, with a high percentage of safety in treatment outcome that satisfies the needs of patients and the company.
– A technologically advanced working environment, a group of professionals who work together and in a coordinated manner.
– The honesty with patients and work aimed at satisfying the needs of the patient, so this is the main seller of our image. Our company will seek to consolidate and achieve goals, especially those related to the prevention of dental health, the development of specialized health areas (implantology, orthodontics and aesthetics), and meeting the needs of special groups such as children or the elderly, and become a common space for:
– Clients and integrated social community in which our organization – partners, employees and suppliers.

The previous achievements can only be achieved if the organization adopts guidelines for ethical behavior and coherent code of action. Guidelines will be the continuous development that will enable the Organization to meet the interests of the groups listed above. Our code of action is based on the following values:
– Compliance with legislation and the code of ethics of the profession in internal and external relations.
– Respect for the individual, willingness to serve and creating prosperity. The focus of our activity is focused on the desire to do what is best for the patient.
– Preserving the physical safety of our patients.
– Continuous improvement of products and services offered by the organization.
– The legitimate economic development organization, without which it could reach the goals above.
– The constant updating of the scientific and humanistic during the active life of the members of the organization. Therefore, it is essential that all those who make up the organization (medical and nursing professionals, managers, medical and nursing coordinators, etc.) work in a coordinated manner on the basis of this common idea, the necessary involvement of each member of the same, creating a genuine entrepreneurial culture itself.

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